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Online meeting 2021

Tuesday 28 December 20.30

Evening prayer from Taizé

Wednesday 29 December Morning

Bible reflection. Brother Githinji speaks to us about Luke 10:25-37, in relation with the first proposal of the Message 2022 of brother Alois

Questions for a sharing:

  1. Who is my neighbour?

  2. Have I been faced by a situation where I was incapable/unable to lend a helping hand? What would make me hesitate whilst faced with a situation where someone is in deed of help?

  3. What examples/testimonies of good neighbourliness/our belonging to each other, have I experienced/come across? - in my own life, where I live, etc. Where/how could I participate in a concrete way the life of another person in my day to day life?

Wednesday 29 December 20.30

evening prayer from Turin

Thursday 30 December morning

Bible reflection

Thursday 30 December 12.30

midday prayer from Turin

Thursday 30 December 15.15

Live workshop broadcast from Turin: “I was a stranger and you welcomed me”: standing in solidarity with the world of migrants

Thursday 30 December 17.30

Live workshop broadcast from Turin: “Acting together to take care of our common home”.

Thursday 30 December 8.30pm

evening prayer from Turin

Friday 31 December morning

Bible reflection

Friday 31 December 20.30pm

evening prayer from Taizé