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Usalduse palverännak Eestis

Prayers in Estonia

Where to go?

Regular common prayers are organized at different places in Estonia.

What is a common prayer?

A common prayer is a prayer meeting held in the spirit and liturgical style developed by the Taizé community. A typical prayer lasts 45 minutes, most of this time is filled with singing. Central elements are a bible reading and a longer moment of deep silence.

A common prayer is inter-confessional, which means that we avoid elements that are specific to a given confession. We try to make sure that everybody can participate and feel at home, including people who are not used to liturgical prayer.

Children are especially welcome and have a central place during prayer. Parents should contact the organizer before the prayer in order to arrange individual solutions.

The songs used during a common prayer are simple, meditative repetitions of short texts from the Bible or early Christian authors. The participants have both scores and lyrics so that everybody can join singing.